David Chiapperino
David Chiapperino
Creative Technologist - AR, VR, AI, Prototyping

David Chiapperino
Creative Technologist


David Chiapperino is a design technologist that guides creative teams at the bleeding edge of art and tech.  As an artist, his pallet of code, tech art, animation, & design, have enabled him to develop and lead creatives at companies like Universal, The Walt Disney Company, and Respawn Entertainment.  As a Design Technologist, David invents new ways to blend 3D graphics, Mixed Reality & A.I. and creates rapid prototypes that prove these ideas and bring them to life.  David currently works as Creative Director for Amazon Sumerian. The opinions on this website are his own.


In recent years I've been getting a lot of inquiries about how to create stories, art, animation, games.  Whether from formal mentoring programs at work, or creative friends and family that have questions, there are certain methods and tools that have resonated as themes.  My hope for this website is that it acts as a resource to answer those questions, and helps aspiring creators bring their ideas to life.



David's experience as a creative technologist includes: